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After decades of making affordable run-of-the-mill cars, Hyundai are really pulling out all the stops these days to turn themselves into a creditable global car manufacturer. Witness the very competitive i30 hatchback. The car handles and drives very well, the quality is a huge improvement and the thing is even soft on the eye. Ok, Ok I guess the Tiburon could hold its head a little higher than most of the range, but the virtues related to an i30 could not be associated with an Accent or an Excel for instance.

So looking at these images of Hyundai’s forthcoming Genesis Sports Coupe we can get quite excited. Think of an i30 with a turbocharged 215hp 2.0L engine. Combine that with a rear wheel drive chassis and you have a recipe for an affordable competitive sports car. Not good enough for you? How about a 3.8L 300hp V6? Now you’re talking and these outputs are also very competitive with the class leaders suggesting Hyundai are really getting the hang of developing engines as well.

The cars outline is easily made out in these shots but the front and rear camouflage guard the styling elements very well. The interior shot is quite revealing though.

Hyundai have always been competitive on value for money and this certainly is not a quality Hyundai will shy away from in future, so expect the new coupe to be priced very competitively. Looking ahead, the first cars to go on sale at the end of 2008 in Asia with 2009 set as a date for the US and Europe.

대충 살펴보니깐 2.0 215마력 엔진을 달고있다고 하네요.

3.8 람다엔진은 어떠냐고 묻고있고 ㅎㄷㄷ

해석잘하시는분은 해보시는게?

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이뭐병.. 이렇게 나온다면 난 자살<은 아니고..

We received this photo, believed to be of the production version of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Concept, from an anonymous source recently.  While we can not 100% verify its authenticity, reps for Hyundai refused to deny that it is an accurate representation.

Believed to be called the Hyundai i35 Coupe, the toned down version of the Sonic Orange colored concept car should descend upon dealerships during spring 2009.  The car will get a 3.8 liter V6 engine rated at over 300 horsepower, with 250 ft-lb of torque, and attached to a six-speed manual transmission.  0-60 mph times could be less than six seconds.  We previously reported that the 2+2 rear-wheel-drive coupe is separate to the front-wheel-drive Tiburon replacement.

Despite having toned-down headlights, no heat extractors on the hood, and no hot girl standing next to the car, the prospective Hyundai i35 Coupe still looks good.  We would have liked to have seen the production version maintain the concept's more chiseled side and front styling, but (assuming this is a real photo) this was likely not a realistic option for engineers.  One thing that does give us pause is that Hyundai originally said a factory model of the Genesis Coupe Concept would have three slats at the front to assist engine cooling.  Remnants of this can be seen at the fog lights, but not in the oversized grille.

We like the five-spoke alloys on the car in this photo, similar to those on the concept, but we are unsure of the wheel size.  With deliveries of this car originally planned for early next year, production of an alleged Hyundai i35 Coupe would begin this year.  And that means this photo may be the real deal.